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Sedgehurst Stud Dogs

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Sedgehurst Kennels in recent years has concentrated on breeding a Clumber for today’s gundog owner, whether you are shooting, picking up, and beating or for competition. Its priorities of working ability, health and temperament have borne fruit in several generations of handsome, strong Clumbers. These dogs full of life sound with consistently low hips scores, clear eyes, PDP1 clear. These dogs have been bred from well proven stock, lean, active but well muscled, happy to do a full day’s work, jump in and out of a 4WD vehicle.

A lot is being said lately about Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) although mindful of this, we will not breed from lines purely to reduce the COI rating and risk inheriting unproven genes to our line, or worst of all losing working ability and healthy lines that we have, we do not wish to go backwards and undo all the selective breeding of the last 28 years through the Working Clumber Spaniel society.

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